Why You Should Build A WordPress Site

WordPress is masterful. I’ve been asked why creating a WordPress website is better than just making one through Wix or Shopify.

1. The Cost

The best reason to use WordPress is because it is significantly cheaper than Wix and Shopify. A WordPress website is great because not only is it very user-friendly, you have full and complete control over your website. When you create a website with Wix or Shopify, you have to pay a fee and you get very limited control over your website. Owning your own WordPress website, however, gives you complete control over your website and there’s no monthly fees. Just drop in, set up and go.

2. The Lack of Accessability

As I just mentioned above, the problem with choosing to have someone else your website just limits your websites ability. Here’s an example, with WordPress, you can set up your own store, have a blog, 2000 pages, unlimited videos, etc and never have to pay a single fee. Other sites charge you to do each one of those! The accessibility that WordPress allows you to have is second to none.

3. Control

When you have your own WordPress website, you control everything on it. Do you enjoying coding? You can with WordPress. Not great or even interested in coding but desire very specific features on your site? No problem, with WordPress, you have access to thousands of free and paid plugins that you can add to your website. The process couldn’t be any easier, either. With WordPress, you can simply find the exact plugin that you’re looking for, view, read reviews, view samples, click install and poof, it’s done. In a matter of minutes, you could be ready to start accepting payments right from your website, straight into your bank account.

4. e-commerce

The #1 reason to use WordPress is definitely the cost and you’ll see that right when you create your e-commerce store. With WordPress, you can simply download the WooCommerce plugin, install the Stripe payment management plugin, set up your banking information and you’re ready to make money online – sent straight to your bank account. With Stripe, your customer finds a product on your website, adds it to their cart, goes through a standard checkout process, pays securely, and the money is in your bank within 24 hours.

It’s not rocket science, take a look at the monthly prices above, folks. You can get everything the advanced Shopify package offers for a whopping $299/month, or you can build it yourself with ease and quickness with WordPress. The choice is yours, build a website with limits for $3588/year, or build your own website with WordPress for mere dollars, or even completely free with a free hosting service.

The choice is yours. Learn how to create a WordPress site today.


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