Marketing Your Website

There are billions of people on the internet today. Many people think that it is difficult to get visitors to their website, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Getting traffic to your website should be one the easiest parts about running your website and or business because it is the most important part.

There are many sources of traffic and you need to know them all. Let’s focus on the following:

Social Media and Search Engines

Social media is becoming the best way to advertise your website. Facebook has an advanced targeting system that allows you to target your audience very finely. For example, let’s say that you are running a business that sells older jewelry. Maybe your target crowd are people that are 50 years and older. Let’s refine that even more with 50-year-old people or older, that are women, that are in groups about jewelry and that purchase jewelry online. With Facebook, you can do that.

Facebook is typically well priced. I highly recommend using Facebook to market your website.

Search engines are also a great place to market your website. You may pay a bit more, but your website will be displayed when someone searches for things that are relevant to your website. The difference between social media and search engines should be obvious. People go to search engines to search while they go to social media to socialize. While people may start searching more and more through social media, for right now, the predominant search is still performed on search engines.

Stay tuned, though. Facebook is trying to change all of that. Facebook is trying to become somewhere you never really leave. One day, you will browse the internet on Facebook, purchase items through Facebook, receive all of your invitations, addresses and more all on Facebook. This is their plan and it should be watched.

Which one should you pick?

The truth is, you should be marketing on all major social media platforms and all major search engines. This takes capital, time and good management skills. Creating a successful marketing strategy is key to building a successful business. For your website and or business to be successful, you need to learn the power of scaling your marketing budget.

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