About Us

Interested in building a presence online ? For 10 years, Royalty Online Business has helped individuals & business's create an online presence.

Creating an online presence is about more than just building a website, it's about building a brand, being an authority in your field and getting the right visitors to your site.


Over the years, we have created many different websites using different methods. From text editors, to Wix, to Shopify and more, we've tried it all. 

Find out why our #1 favorite CMS is WordPress and how you can create your ecommerce site cost effectively and quickly while maintaining quality, design, security and full customization.

Advertising Your Site

Once you've established your site, you will need to create and maintain a marketing campaign using a mixture of social media and paid advertising.

Creating an active facebook page, twitter and other social media accounts will help your site gain exposure, rise in search rankings, build a customer base and lower your customer acquisition costs. 

Google AdWords

Google provides an ad serving service called Google AdWords. You can create ads to display in apps, videos, web pages and search engines. Learn how to use Google AdWords today.

Custom Built Websites

Building a website might not be for everyone and we're here to help. Whether it's just to get you going or to fully build your site, equipped with ecommerce capabilities. Learn more about our custom built websites today.